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Fresh Grapes

Fresh Grapes
Fresh Grapes
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Product Code : 17
Product Description

Botanically, Fresh Grapes are berries of the deciduous woody vines. These can be eaten fresh or can be used for making jam, jelly, raisins, vinegar, juice and many more. The mentioned fruit, usually, occurs in clusters and are highly rich in phenols and poly-phenols. Loaded with vitamin A, B6, C and K, the offered fruit is capable of treating constipation, fatigue and prevent eye diseases. Fresh Grapes are loved due to their tarty and sweet flavor. Our offered grapes are green in color that have been derived from the purple grapes and are in ellipsoidal in shape, resembling to a prolate spheroid.

Health Benefits:

  • Drinking grape juice can be a great solution to migraine
  • Pterostilbene helps in lowering the level of cholesterol
  • Strengthens bones to maintain the bone health
  • Grape juice offers instant energy boost
Specification :
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Varieties: Superior seedless (color bright green)
  • Thompson seedless (color light green)
  • Crimson seedless (color light red)
  • Red Globe (color red)

Carton with bags

  • 4.5 Kg carton 9 bags per carton
  • Each bag 500 grams
  • Sizes between 18mm - 26mm
  • Total cartons / container: 3400 cartons
  • Container 40 ft HQ: 15.300 TON

Carton with punnet

  • 5 kg carton 10 punnets per carton
  • Each punnet 500 grams
  • 115 carton per pallet.
  • Total cartons per container: 2300 cartons
  • container 40 ft HQ : 11.500 TON

Container capacity:

  • 20 Pallet x 115 Carton with punnets 5 kg = 11.5 TON
  • 20 pallet x 170 carton with plastic bags 4.5 kg = 15.3 TON


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